Who Needs Vendor Compliance Services?

Vendor Compliance Services are crucial for businesses of all sizes in different industries like manufacturing, construction, IT, healthcare, and hospitality. These services are especially important for companies dealing with labour laws and regulations concerning contract workers.

Rane and Associates provide Vendor Compliance Services that cater to all parties involved, including the principal employer, contract workforce, and contractors.

Possible consequences of Vendor non-compliance

  • Absorption of the contract labourers
  • Payment of arrears of contribution with interest
  • Fine/Imprisonment
  • Prosecution of the employer or board of directors

Why Do You Need Vendor Compliance Services?

  •  Ensure Legal Compliance: Vendor Compliance Services assist organizations in meeting various labor laws and regulations.
  •  Manage Risks: Working with contract workers involves legal and financial risks. Vendor Compliance Services help mitigate these risks by ensuring compliance with relevant laws.
  •  Save Costs: Non-compliance with labor laws can lead to penalties, reputation damage, and operational disruptions. Vendor Compliance Services help organizations avoid these costs and concentrate on their main business activities.
  •  Ethical Responsibility: Engaging contract workers requires ethical obligations towards their well-being and safety. Vendor Compliance Services help organizations fulfill these responsibilities and foster a positive reputation.

What We Do?

  •  Ensure Vendor Compliance at Factories, Establishments, and Project Sites
  •  Customize service models for each type of establishment
  •  Regulate the entry and exit of contract workers for compliance purposes
  •  Amend Principal Employer Registration Certificates
  •  Prepare Statutory Registers for each contractor
  •  Submit Statutory Returns for each contractor
  •  Ensure compliance with EPF/ESI for contractors
  •  Provide coordination support for accessing benefits from ESI & EPT
  •  Coordinate with authorities for inspections and notices
  •  Ensure compliance with CLRA (Contract Labour Regulation and Abolition Act) at factories, establishments, and project sites
  •  Maintain records, registers, forms & notices as per various laws
  •  Ensure payment of minimum wages and timely remittance of ESI, EPF, and LWF
  •  Ensure compliance with BOCW Act and ISMA Act
  •  Handle accident-related compliance for contract workers
  •  Facilitate retirement or terminal benefits for contract workers
  •  Streamline vendor compliance tasks through efficient automation tools